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Kreeda Parama Pada Sopanam, HSN 95049090


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Kreeda Parama Pada Sopanam


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Steps to the highest place. Race Game. Also known as  Moksha PatamVaikunta Pali, Gyan Chaupad, Gyan Baazi, traditional Indian snakes and ladders. Parama Pada Sopanam
means Steps to the Highest Place (where Parama Pada means highest place and
Sopanam means steps). This is a traditional version of the popular game of
Snakes and Ladders. The game was believed to be symbolic of a man’s journey
through life. The ladders represent 
virtues and the snakes represent vices. 
 The snakes carry names linking them
to stories from our mythology. Traditionally numerous versions were available
with regional variations. Kreeda has distilled the essence of these versions to
create a traditional game to suit the 21st century
to be Indian in spirit but global in quality.  Done on a 2 feet by 2 1/2 feet canvas, the game is attractively
designed and appealing. All the snakes in the games have names such as 
BakasuraKumbakarna etc. which are representative of certain vices.
The instruction sheets with the game give a short story of these characters to
make it more appealing to children and parents who may not know the tales. 
The instruction sheet provides the background story for these as well
as the rules to play.

children above 3, adults and senior

teachers, story tellers, special
 HR professionals 

Heritage and culture enthusiasts
 Board game aficionados  

Fun way to learn basic counting. 

values important for life.
 mythological stories.  

Traditional version of the popular game of Snakes and

Eco friendly coulourful design, printed on canvas. Draw string bag to hold game pieces. 

Gentle and occasional hand wash. 
 Interlocking box for easy closure and convenient

Box can be opened and flattened for easy packing and transport.

Rule sheet included.

Game pieces and traditional Indian long dice specially
crafted for Kreeda by artisans from 

Conducive to story-telling and family play. Helps in
developing simple mathematical and counting skills.

Handcrafted pieces. So, variations in colour may exist
depending on the source of the raw materials.

As counters are small in size,
children should be supervised during play. 

Breakage is possible on rough

Handmade items. Individual variations will exist.

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Ingredients/Raw Materials

1 - Carton Paramapada Sopanam 1 - Canvas Paramapada Sopanam 1 – Medium Coin Bag 2 - Wooden Dayam 1 - Wooden Coin Cone Shaped Coin Red 1 - Wooden Coin Cone Shaped Coin Blue 1 - Wooden Coin Cone Shaped Coin Green 1 - Wooden Coin Cone Shaped Coin Yellow 1 – Rule sheet

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